TelexFree Bankruptcy Class Action

Announcement: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

December 14, 2018

Dear TelexFree Participant:

As you are aware, the Bankruptcy Court appointed Milligan Rona Duran & King to represent the classes of defendants in the lawsuits Darr v. Argueta et al., No. 16–04006 (class of U.S. based defendants) and Darr v. Alecci et al., No. 16–04007 (class of international defendants).

If you are receiving this email, the Trustee has sued you in one of these lawsuits as a defendant. The Trustee is trying to recover money from you.

The Bankruptcy Court has employed Milligan Rona Duran & King to help all defendants in these cases on a class basis, not on an individual basis. We are working hard to protect the class-wide rights of all defendants in these cases. Please review our website about the TelexFree lawsuit for a more detailed explanation of our role.

We are not involved in the bankruptcy claims process. We are not helping you recover money from Telexfree.

Presently, we are working with an expert to challenge the data and methods that the Trustee is using to prove his case against you as a member of the net-winner class. One main issue is who the net winners are and how much money they owe the Trustee. The Trustee is using a process called “aggregation” to group user accounts together and calculate the amount of money you owe. We are challenging the Trustee’s aggregation methods on a class-wide basis. For more information, please visit our new Frequently Asked Questions page available at our TelexFree Lawsuit website.

Copies of the documents filed with the court are available at the Trustee’s TelexFree bankruptcy website.


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